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This post has data associated with the GOT7 First World Tour to help fans of the South Korean boy ban know the facts, venue, number of shows, etc.
Do you admire the GOT7 band? Do the activities of GOT7 amaze you? Is the band touring across the globe? Many queries about GOT7 have recently surfaced over social networking platforms. 

GOT7 admirers across Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, United States, India, and other global areas want to confirm if the news of their tour is true or not and when it was. So, let’s find out the GOT7 First World Tour details through the article below.

When was GOT7’s initial tour?

Got7’s initial tour was in 2014 in Japan and was a concert tour named “Around The World.” Their tour began on October seven, 2014, and lasted till November six, 2014. The tour’s objective was to promote their group’s initial single, released in Japanese on October 22, 2014. 

What exactly is GOT7?

The GOT7 group was formed in 2014. It is a boys’ band from South Korea and has amazed the world through its albums. The group has seven members, including Yugyeom, JB, BamBam, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jackson, and Mark. JP Entertainment has brought and scouted the group together.      

GOT7 First World Tour:

Tour to Japan was GOT7’s first tour around the world. Their concerts usually last for around two to three hours. However, their concerts might be a little longer or shortened based on the encore, opening acts, artists, etc. 

The group’s tickets for concerts, usually on the secondary markets, may vary based on many factors. However, the average cost of their concert tickets may be about 159 USD or low up to 115 USD. Currently, no world tours are commencing for GOT7. 

What was the number of shows and locations of the first world tour?

There were about nine shows in total on GOT7 First World Tour, including the following:

  • Fukuoka- One
  • Osaka- Two
  • Tokyo- Two
  • Nagoya- Two
  • Chiba- Two

The attendance in the venue was mostly 100 percent since the group has achieved world fame due to their popular albums.

What were the additional tours of GOT7?

The additional tours of GOT7 include the following:

In 2016, GOT7 was on a “Moriagatteyo” tour to Japan, with eleven shows in total, including one in Sapporo, one in Fukuoka, two in Chiba, two in Tokyo, two in Nagoya, and three in Osaka. This tour lasted from January 21, 2016, until February 28, 2016. They achieved immense fame and popularity after GOT7 First World Tour.

In 2017, GOT7 was on a “Meet Me” tour to Japan, with nine shows in total, and lasted from May five, 2017, to May 27, 2017. The “My Swagger” tour was the same year as Japan Arena Special and lasted from June 24 to June 25, 2017. 


The South Korean band, GOT7, is renowned for its hit albums. They have toured across the world many times. Their tours are Turn Up, The New Era, The Road 2 U, Our Loop, Nestival, Seven Secrets, etc.

Besides, the GOT7 First World Tour was “Around the World” in 2014, and the first showcase was “Impact in Japan” in 2014. Read about GOT7 tours.

Do you know GOT7’s first tour? Then share the details in the comment box. 

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