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This guide about Nivenea Reviews will help you learn about a shopping platform’s legitimacy that deals with dental hygiene and oral care products.

Are your teeth yellowish or stained? Do you want a product to whiten your teeth? Are you sick of trying many dental products? Have you tried products from Nivenea? This France-based website deals with products that may help whiten your teeth.

However, it is extremely challenging for buyers to trust any online platform or its products only on the appearance of the site or the products. Therefore, we are here to help you overcome your challenges by finding out all about Nivenea in this Nivenea Reviews.

Disclaimer:We inform visitors about the portals and the products but refrain from advocating them

Are there any reviews on Nivemea?

New buyers can access more about the product and service quality from reviews of online buyers or previous clients. Sadly, there hasn’t been any comment on this gateway. It may be due to its brand-new website or an unestablished platform. Therefore, it may need some time to gather comments for their platform.

Also, social networking links are unavailable. Since reviews would have worked as checking the reviews, the non-existence of Nivenea Reviews made it challenging to know about this portal.

What does Nivenea’s website deal with?

An internet store called Nivenea focuses on dental and oral hygiene products. From the powerful whitening pen to whitening foam and several other dental products, you may quickly search for items such as extreme regrowth treatment, anti-imperfection mask, three-in-one slimming device, and many others.

Yet to assess its claims for validity, you must look into Nivenea Reviews and the website’s specifics.

Is Nivenea a legitimate site?

Date of website’s founding: This site was designed on October 21, 2022, i.e., four months ago.

Expiration date identifier: This website will terminate on October 21, 2023, exactly eight months from today.

Ownership updates: Through the WHOIS domain’s details, the owner’s data is revised and confirmed on November 6, 2022.

HTTPS verification: The site is verified with HTTPS.

Blacklisting: The portal is not mentioned in the blacklist.

The Internet ranking of the site: Nivenea received 38.5 rankings.

Trust score: The site’s average online trust score is 46/100.

Global ranking: The site received a 13,777,177 global ranking.

Country-wise ranking: The site received a 917,917 country-wise ranking.

Nivenea Reviews: No buyers have mentioned anything about Nivemea’s site or dental or oral care products.

Social media sites: The website has not created or maintained any social networking sites.



E-mail address:

Company name: NameCheap, Inc.

Address of the company or store- not available

Contact number details: not mentioned.

Return information: The website offers a 14-day return window. However, they cannot provide you with an exchange or a refund after 14 days after the product’s arrival.

Delivery details: The delivery of the products is 48 to 72 hours across France.

Payment modes: The site has not revealed any payment options. However, you must read Nivenea Reviews to know more about this gateway.

What do the creators claim about their website?

The refunds are applicable within 14 days.

The domain is not in any blacklist engine.

It is secured by HTTPS verification.

The company claims to provide 24/7 customer assistance.

Satisfaction guarantee is given on dental products.

Are there any negative aspects of the website?

The company details are incomplete.

The owners do not give the contact information, location, or number.

Owner’s identity is not clearly mentioned.

Although the company claims a 30 days guarantee on its home page, the return policy web page also mentions a 14 days guarantee.

Therefore, read Nivenea Reviews to know more.


This portal is newly designed and created, so we suggest waiting till it gains authentic reviews and suggests shopping from authentic portals. Tap here to check some products associated with dental care and hygiene

Did you buy oral hygiene products from Nivenea? Please share your experience of buying its products.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is

Nivenea is a shopping site.

Q2. Which types of products are available on Nivenea?

Nivenea deals with oral hygiene and dental products.

Q3. Is there a subscription offer on Nivenea’s website?

You can subscribe to Nivenea’s newsletter to get exclusive promotional offers and news details.

Q4. Which items cannot be returned on Nivenea’s website?

Certain personal care and health products are not applicable to return on Nivenea’s websit

Q5. How to reach Nivenea’s customer care?

You may contact Nivenea’s customer support through the e-mail address

Q6. Are the sale items refundable on Nivemea’s website?

Sale items are not refundable through Nivemea’s web portal.

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