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Latest News Lisa Sleep Paralysis Real Footage

The content of this piece, Lisa Sleep Paralysis Real Footage, includes entire facts regarding Lisa’s paralysis during sleep, in addition to reality.

Are you aware of Lisa’s paralysis issue? Does she face issues during sleep? Lisa from Blank Pink recently disclosed her issue whenever she fell asleep. Her issue has shocked people Worldwide since it was captured in the footage.

After the disclosure from Lisa and the widespread of her footage, people are largely searching for it to view the issue she faces. Social networking sites have also experienced a buzz after Lisa’s issue. So, check out more about Lisa Sleep Paralysis Real Footage in this post.

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Is there footage of Lisa’s paralysis issue?

Lisa from BLACKPINK previously talked about her terrifying ghostly sighting in the hostel that left her with sleeping paralysis. When Lisa revealed her condition of going through sleep paralysis, Lisa, who appears in the renowned rapper’s music footage, turned into a hot issue across every platform on the internet. 

The global web has become popular with talk of Lisa’s encounter with sleep paralysis. The footage of Lisa Viral On Reddit has caused a stir on social networking sites.

What did Lisa experience?

The topic of conversation was Lisa’s admission that she had experienced sleep paralysis. In an internet communication, Lisa spoke about her time in Jisoo’s bedroom. After recently revealing that Jisoo’s room entrance had been open while Lisa was there, she abruptly observed someone approaching the living room area. 

Lisa’s footage has been massively discussed on Twitter’s platform and other networks, including Instagram’s pages.  

Lisa Sleep Paralysis Original Video:

In Lisa’s footage, she mentioned the incident and remembered the experience while feeling frightened. She added that it was a ghost. Looking at one another, Lisa and Rose on the television program were equally afraid.

Was there someone in Lisa’s room?

After Lisa realized someone’s presence in the room, she assumed that Jisoo’s flatmate was Rose. Lisa was attempting to reach Rose as well. Rose answered as LIsa shouted her name. People from Tiktok, Telegram, and other social media handles are curious to locate the footage and learn more about the ghost.

The answer came from Rose’s room and not the living area. Rose was, in fact, just in her own space, Lisa realized. Jisoo returned, and Lisa told Jisoo about the incident. Jisoo made fun of it. Lisa experienced sleep paralysis the following day.

Is Lisa’s content spreading on social networks?

Every internet space, including Twitter, has seen the footage’s widespread success. Both females seemed slightly anxious upon remembering the incident. Much focus has been given to Lisa’s statement. On several internet pages, Lisa’s footage is popular.

Additional facts about Lisa:

Lalisa Manobal, a well-known television character, is often called Lisa. Since the release of the real-life clip of Lisa’s sleep paralysis, she has gained popularity across numerous online channels. She is a performer, rapper, singer, and dancer professionally. She joined the Praphamontree School to pursue her education.

Quick Wiki:

  • Real name- Lalisa Manobal
  • Stage name- Lisa
  • Profession- Singer
  • Date of birth- March 27, 1997
  • Age- 26 years

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Lalisa Manobal, often called Lisa, was recently talked about for her sleep paralysis experience. Lisa is well-known for singing, dancing, and acting. Her ghost encountering experience has made many users on social media discuss and know about it through her viral Youtube video. 

Have you seen the fear of Lisa in the recent footage? Comment if you experienced the same.

Lisa Sleep Paralysis Real Footage: FAQs

Q1. Who is Lisa?

Lisa is a singer, performer, and dancer.

Q2. What is Lisa’s birthplace?

Thailand, Buriram

Q3. When was Lisa’s debut album released?


Q4. Which languages does Lisa know?

Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and English

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