Ricardo Drue Parents: Mother Nicola Barriteau And Father Mervyn Eric Drue Jr

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Ricardo Drue was a capable soca craftsman from Antigua and Barbuda. Drue acquired noticeable quality in the Caribbean music scene for his fiery and astounding exhibitions.

Besides, Drue has created a few hit tunes, including Drifter, Expert, and ID Stamp Yuh Name. In the mean time, he was keen on music since early on.

Drue began his music process by joining soca music challenges. Subsequent to hoarding his very own fan base, Ricardo delivered his very own progression melodies.

His fans and supporters are grieving the misfortune as Drue’s demise news was as of late affirmed. With that declaration, individuals are likewise anxious to find out about Drue’s relatives.

Who Are Ricardo Drue Guardians?

Ricardo Drue Parents was brought into the world to his folks Nicola Barriteau and Mervyn Eric Drue Jr in Antigua and Barbuda. Ricardo was near his dad and mom with whom he shared a decent bond.

Similarly, Drue got extraordinary help from them since early on. In this way, there is no shadow of an uncertainty that Ricardo’s folks likewise played an enormous part in their child’s fruitful profession.

Aside from that, the guardians of Ricardo like to carry on with a relaxed life. Because of their confidential nature, none of the media sources have had the option to give data with respect to their ongoing life.

In any case, it has been noticed that Ricardo’s mom is a previous TTT moderator.

Meet Ricardo Drue Mother Nicola Barriteau And Father Mervyn Eric Drue Jr

Nicola Barriteau and Mervyn Eric Drue Jr are the guardians of Ricardo Drue Parents. As said before, his mom Nicola is a previous TTT moderator.

She likewise played the part of Agent Overseer of Information, Sports, and Current Undertakings in ABS TV. Similarly, she filled in as a telecaster at ZDK FM somewhere in the range of 1991 and 1996.

Further, Nicola Barriteau is a refined territorial telecaster who originally had a stretch with ABS television/Radio from 1989 to 1991 as a radio broadcaster.

Likewise, she has stood firm on senior footings in media in Trinidad and Tobago, having filled in as head of information and public issues for the Public authority Data Administrations Restricted.

Moreover, Nicola worked at the Caribbean New Media Gathering and has broad involvement with advertising and correspondence systems.

Investigate Ricardo Drue Family Foundation

Ricardo Drue was brought up in a sound family foundation by his darling guardians. In the mean time, Ricardo was a confidential person who kept his life a long way from the media sources.

Because of that, it stays hazy whether he was raised close by his kin or was a solitary youngster. Drue used to carry on with a serene existence with his nearby ones.

Then again, he was locked in to his fiancee Patrice Roberts. The connected with couple had begun their very own group as they invited five children together.

Moreover, Ricardo was adored by many individuals and the lamentable insight about his passing has left everybody profoundly devasted.

Online clients are sharing their words for the late soul. To this misfortune, the entire Virtuoso Celebs group likewise pays a sincere sympathy to the entire family,

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