Maryland Deathfest Suicide {May 2022} Shocking details!

Latest News Maryland Deathfest Suicide

MDFF brings a still unmatched intensity and concentration of extreme music. Scroll down to check about Maryland Deathfest Suicide in detail.

Do you know about Axel’s death at Maryland Deathfest? Maryland Deathfest is an annual extreme metal music festival held each May in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The festival focuses on various metal subgenres such as death metal, grindcore, thrash metal, black metal and its subgenres, hardcore punk, crust punk and heavy progressive rock.

People across the United States are looking for more information on the recent suicide case of the axel. This is one of the biggest news across the globe! Keep reading to learn more about the Maryland Deathfest Suicide.

About The Suicide

You must be concerned with the festival’s use of the word suicide. We are heartbroken to learn that a man committed suicide during Maryland Deathfest by leaping from the parking garage outside the Baltimore Sound Stage. Everybody enjoys Maryland Deathfest, but this is likely to be the final Maryland Deathfest, at least for a while, and it is a very sad event. Eyewitnesses were on the scene, and we were heartbroken to learn of this tragedy.

His name was Axel, and he seemed to be from Pittsburgh. Keep reading to learn about Maryland Deathfest 2022.

What is Maryland Deathfest?

This is the biggest extreme metal and punk festival in the United States, held in Baltimore, Maryland. It was started by Ryan Taylor & Evan Harting in 2003 as a three-day weekend event. The festival features a wide variety of extreme metal genres from all over the world, including death metal, black metal, doom metal, grindcore, sludge metal and more. 

The event has received much critical acclaim for its diverse lineup of bands that play all day long on many different stages throughout each day of the festival’s duration, thus allowing attendees to catch as many bands as possible. 

About Maryland Deathfest Suicide

Shortly before Axel committed suicide, he shared his thoughts on Facebook. He talked a lot about being miserable and hopeless in his Posts on Facebook.

In another side, we found that DISMEMBER isn’t the only well-known group to pull out of today’s Maryland Deathfest. BLOODBATH, the death metal band, also declared its withdrawal from the festival, claiming that it had requested visas over seven months earlier but that they had not yet been granted. “Due to circumstances beyond our power, they have yet to be finalized. We’ve tried whatever we can to rescue this insanity and get this tour a possibility.

Maryland Deathfest 2022

Maryland Deathfest 2022 is a metal, punk, and hardcore music festival taking place from May 26, 2022 – to May 29, 2022, at the Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, MD.

The festival will feature various genres, including death metal, grindcore and black metal, and industrial and electronic music.


Every year at the end of May and the beginning of June, hundreds of metal fans worldwide gather together to participate in the largest metal music festival in America, Maryland Deathfest. The Maryland Deathfest  is an amazing event running for a few years now.

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